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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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Ann Arbor Research Conferences

      2007-Coverage: For Richer, For       Poorer, In Sickness and In       Health

      2006-To Have and To Hold, In       Sickness and In Health?

      2006-Tax, Regulate, Spend:
      Policy Impacts on Health

      2005-Coverage Impacts
      Across the Lifespan

      2004-Vulnerable Populations

      2004-Consumer Preferences
      and Coverage Choice

      2003-Coverage Dynamics and
      the Uninsured

      2002-Expanding the Dialogue
      on the Uninsured

      2001-Agenda Setting

Washington D.C. Joint Conference   
      Health Insurance   
      Congressional Testimony
      ERIU Book Release


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Ann Arbor Research Conferences

Coverage: For Richer, For Poorer, In Sickness and In Health

June 28 – 29, 2007
Ann Arbor, Michigan

SCHIP, health savings accounts, the impact of wealth on health insurance status, and the cost of care for the chronically ill were among the topics of the eight papers presented at the 2007 conference.

Health Insurance Coverage: To Have and To Hold, In Sickness and In Health?

September 7 - 8, 2006
Ann Arbor , MI

Among those who are without health insurance, at least 80 percent had it but lost it. Health insurance status is not an unchanging personal characteristic but something that changes over time. Each of the eight papers addressed some aspect of the dynamics of health insurance coverage or the implications of change in health insurance status.

School, Work, Retirement: Coverage Impacts Across the Lifespan

July 7 - 8, 2005
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Papers presented at the 2005 summer conference address coverage issues facing different population groups representing different points in the lifespan: children, working adults, and those nearing retirement. In addition, two papers examined the effect of health status or chronic illness on coverage outcomes on subsets of working adults.

Vulnerable Populations Research Conference

October 22, 2004
Ann Arbor, Michigan

The eight papers presented at the 2004 Vulnerable Populations conference resulted from a special ERIU solicitation focused on health insurance coverage and selected vulnerable populations—racial and ethnic minorities, and immigrants. One other paper that focuses on coverage and persons with chronic mental illness will be included in the July 2005 Annual ERIU Research Conference. These projects generally employ economic frameworks and methods to investigate the causes and consequences of disparities in health insurance coverage for these vulnerable groups.

Consumer Preferences and Coverage Choices Research Conference

July 18 – 20, 2004
Ann Arbor, Michigan

The ten papers presented at the 2004 summer conference resulted from investigator-initiated research projects funded by ERIU. Many of the papers focus on individual or firm level decision-making regarding health insurance coverage.

Coverage Dynamics and the Uninsured Research Conference

July 13 - 15, 2003
Ann Arbor, Michigan

The 2003 Ann Arbor conference featured findings from projects funded through ERIU’s 2002 general solicitation of research proposals. Topics included the influence of macroeconomic conditions on coverage rates, the microeconomics of health insurance decisions, and the impact of two major policy changes, the 1996 welfare reform legislation and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) enacted in 1997.

Expanding the Dialogue on the Uninsured

July 8 - 10, 2002
Ann Arbor, Michigan

The papers presented at the 2002 conference constitute the first round of research funded by ERIU. This round of papers came from projects proposed by those who attended ERIU's initial conference, which assessed the questions of what we know and what we don't know about who has and who does not have health insurance in the U.S.

Research Agenda Setting Conference

July 8 - 10, 2001
Ann Arbor, Michigan

This initial ERIU conference focused on what we know and don't know about the factors influencing who has and who doesn't have health insurance coverage in the U.S.  Findings from the conference helped guide ERIU's priorities for funded research