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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured
ERIU's website has a new home, While the ERIU project has ended, ERIU research papers, Fast Facts and other website content remain available at our new location.
Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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Ann Arbor Research Conferences

      2007-Coverage: For Richer, For       Poorer, In Sickness and In       Health

      2006-To Have and To Hold, In
      Sickness and In Health?

      2006-Tax, Regulate, Spend:
      Policy Impacts on Health

      2005-Coverage Impacts
      Across the Lifespan

      2004-Vulnerable Populations

      2004-Consumer Preferences
      and Coverage Choice

      2003-Coverage Dynamics and
      the Uninsured

      2002-Expanding the Dialogue
      on the Uninsured

      2001-Agenda Setting

Washington D.C. Joint Conference   
       Health Insurance   
      Congressional Testimony
      ERIU Book Release


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ERIU Conferences and Events

Ann Arbor Research Conferences
In July of each year, ERIU holds a two-day research conference in Ann Arbor, MI where ERIU-funded research is presented and discussed. In October, 2004, ERIU held a special one-day conference in Ann Arbor, MI for ERIU-funded research on health insurance coverage dynamics for racial and ethnic minorities and immigrants. In September, 2006, ERIU organized a conference on transitions into and out of health insurance, exploring the characteristics of people experiencing coverage transitions and the causes and consequences of transition events.

Washington D.C. Joint Conference 
This conference, jointly sponsored with The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund, brought together Congressional staff, public and private sector policy experts, journalists, and health policy researchers to discuss emerging trends in employment-based coverage. The discussion focused on understanding the factors influencing employer and worker decisions about health insurance and the implications for coverage policies such as tax credits, expansions of public programs, and high-deductible "consumer-driven" health plans.

Congressional Testimony
Len Nichols, a member of ERIU's research committee, testified before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health at a hearing on the uninsured. His testimony draws on evidence from economics and health services research to debunk ten popular myths about the uninsured. The testimony was based on a prior presentation by Nichols and economist Mark Pauly, a member of ERIU's oversight committee, at a media event for the release of the book "Health Policy and the Uninsured."

ERIU Book Release
This event was held to publicize the release of the edited volume, "Health Policy and the Uninsured," published by the Urban Institute Press. The book presents findings from six papers commissioned by ERIU to summarize what we know and do not know about the causes and consequences of being without health insurance coverage. At the event, Mark Pauly and Len Nichols discussed how the book helps to debunk ten popular myths about the uninsured.


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