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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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Washington D.C. Joint Conference

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: Research to Inform the Future

December 6, 2002
Washington, D.C.

This conference, jointly sponsored with The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund, brought together Congressional staff, public and private sector policy experts, journalists, and health policy researchers to discuss emerging trends in employment-based coverage. The discussion focused on understanding the factors influencing employer and worker decisions about health insurance and the implications for coverage policies such as tax credits, expansions of public programs, and high-deductible "consumer-driven" health plans.

 Presentations | Attendees

Clay Ackerly
Council of Economic Advisors

Jim Baumgartner
Congressional Budget Office

Linda Bilheimer
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Hinda Chaikind
Congressional Research Service

Michael Chernew
University of Michigan

Gary Claxton
Kaiser Family Foundation

Marcia Clemmitt
Medicine and Health

David Colby
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Sarah Crow

Linda Fishman
Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Liz Fowler
Senate Finance Committee

Jon Gabel
Health Research Educational Trust

Peter Garrett

Anne Gauthier
Academy Health

Edward Grossman
House Office of Legislative Counsel

Amy Hall
House Energy and Commerce Committee

Mary Harrington

David Helms
Academy Health

Robert Helms
American Enterprise Institute

Erin Holve
Kaiser Family Foundation

Gina Ivey

Chip Kahn
Federation of American Hospitals

Hanns Kuttner

Patrick McCabe

Catherine McLaughlin

John McManus
House Ways and Means Committee

Lori Melichar
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Jack Meyer
Economic Social Research Institute

Wilhelmine Miller
Institute of Medicine, The National Academies

Melanie Nathanson
Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

Len Nichols
Center for Studying Health System Change

Mark Pauly
Urban Institute

Julie Rovner
National Public Radio

Diane Rowland
Kaiser Family Foundation

Cathy Schoen
The Commonwealth Fund

Hayden Smith
Joint Economic Committee

Laura Staich

Bridgett Taylor
House Energy and Commerce Committee

Sarah Walter
Senator John Breaux's Office

Patricia Willis
Office of Policy and Research

Diane Wollman
Institute of Medicine, The National Academies