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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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Research Resources - Data Description

Section 1: Description of Survey Design Features

  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Design type
  • Frequency of reporting rounds
  • Most recent data year currently available
  • Years of data available
  • Sample population
  • Oversampled populations
  • Number of Primary Sampling Units (PSUs)
  • Sample size (most recent year/round) & response rate
  • Mode(s) of data collection

Section 2: Description of Selected Survey Topic Areas

  • Health insurance
  • Coverage of other members of household
  • Wording of lack of coverage question
  • Timing of health insurance question(s)
  • Public program participation
  • Health care utilization
  • Reference period of insurance status and health utilization same?
  • Access to care
  • Health expenditures
  • Health status
  • Personal characteristics
  • Family status
  • Income, assets, & employment

Section 3: Availability of Data

  • How is data released to users?
  • Geographic identifiers on public use file
  • More detailed geographic identifiers available to agency staff
  • Are detailed identifiers made available by special request?
  • Can aggregate estimates be made by combining survey data from multiple years?
  • Other data sets to which survey data can be linked
  • Survey contact information
  • Cost of obtaining data

Section 4: Descriptive Statistics (Table includes weighted/unweighted n for each variable)

Work Status
Marital Status
Male Under 18 African American Unemployed Married
Female 18 - 24 White/Caucasian Employed Divorced
  25 - 34 Asian Full time full year Widowed
  35 - 44 Other Part time full year Single
  45 - 54 Hispanic Full time part year  
  55 - 64 Non-Hispanic Part time part year  
  65 and Over Immigrant Status Self-employed  
    Citizenship Status Under age 65 retiree