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Data Set Directory

The Data Set Directory provides researchers with information about publicly available data sets. It describes the kinds of data collected in each data set, ways to access the data, and descriptive statistics of several key variables. Included are variables describing health insurance status, health status, and labor market participation.

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Listing of directory data sets.

Listing of directory data elements.

All of the information contained in the directory may be downloaded in two Excel spreadsheets:

Information for this directory was compiled by ERIU and added to a similar matrix produced by the California Health Care Foundation.

Other Surveys of Interest

Researchers may also be interested in other surveys that were not included in the Data Set Directory. Surveys were excluded if they did not contain consistent data on health insurance and/or labor market dynamics. Provider surveys, surveys with convenience samples, or firm-level surveys were also not included. However, these surveys may be useful for some research projects.