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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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Research Topic: Demand for Health Insurance

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Demand for Health Insurance research looks at the factors influencing individual and household decisions to obtain health insurance to understand what makes them more or less likely to do so.
Bundorf, M. Kate
Pauly, Mark V.
The Uninsured: Risk, Income, and "Affordability" of Coverage (PDF) 07/04 Abstract
Dey, Matthew
Flinn, Christopher
Health Insurance and Household Search (PDF) 11/05 Abstract
Harrington, Mary The Effect Of A Health Care Visit On Transitions To Medicaid Or Schip Among Uninsured, Low-Income Children (PDF) 06/08 Abstract
Kuttner, Hanns Higher Income Americans Without Health Insurance: Nominally But Not Really A Growing Problem (PDF) 08/05 Abstract
Monheit, Alan C.
Vistnes, Jessica Primoff
Health Insurance Enrollment Decisions: Understanding the Role of Preferences for Coverage (PDF) 07/04 Abstract
Research Findings
Royalty, Anne Beeson
Abraham, Jean M.
Health Insurance and Labor Market Outcomes: Joint Decision-Making Within Households (PDF) 01/05 Abstract
Research Findings
Shapiro, Matthew
Kimball, Miles
Eliciting Information on Household's Perceived Value of Health Insurance   Abstract