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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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Research Topic: Welfare, Medicaid, and SCHIP

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Welfare, Medicaid, and SCHIP research specifically looks at the impacts of these public programs on individuals, firms, and markets.

Aizer, Anna
Grogger, Jeffrey
Parental Medicaid Expansions and Health Insurance Coverage (PDF)
06/03 Abstract
Borjas, George Welfare Reform, Labor Supply, and Health Insurance in the Immigrant Population (PDF) 05/03 Abstract
Research Findings
Christian, Michael S. The Distribution of Medicaid and Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage Among Immigrants Before and After the 1996 Welfare Reform (PDF) 08/04 Abstract
Cullen, Julianne
DeCicca, Philip
Volden, Craig
The Impact of State CHIP Programs on Early Childhood Health Insurance Coverage, Utilitzation, and Outcomes (PDF) 07/05 Abstract
DeLeire, Thomas
Levine, Judith
Levy, Helen
Is Welfare Reform Responsible for Low-Skilled Women’s Declining Health Insurance Coverage in the 1990s? (PDF) 03/06 Abstract
Research Findings
Harrington, Mary The Effect Of A Health Care Visit On Transitions To Medicaid Or Schip Among Uninsured, Low-Income Children (PDF) 06/08 Abstract
Lee, Ho Jin
Tian, Wei-Hua
The State Children's Health Insurance Program: Participation and Substitution (PDF) 10/04 Abstract
Pollack, Harold
Davis, Matthew
Danziger, Sheldon
Orzol, Sean
Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Among Former Welfare Recipients (PDF) 11/02 Abstract
Research Findings
Wolfe, Barbara
Kaplan, Thomas
Haveman, Robert
Cho, Yoon Young
Extending Health Care Coverage to the Low-Income Population: The Influence of the Wisconsin BadgerCare Program on Insurance Coverage (PDF) 06/04 Abstract
Research Findings
Yelowitz, Aaron Medicaid and Work Decisions of Married Women (PDF) 07/03 Abstract