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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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      Costs of Health Insurance
      Demand for Health Insurance   
      Employment-Based Coverage
      Labor Markets
      Near Elderly Population
      Vulnerable Populations
      Welfare, Medicaid, and SCHIP

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ERIU Research Findings

ERIU produces research findings for the initiative's funded projects. These short documents provide a summary of the paper's key econometric findings, methodology, and limitations. Research findings also outline potential implications of the research.

Project Author
Borjas, George Coverage Rates Increased for Immigrants after Welfare Reform Abstract
Buchmueller , Thomas
LoSasso, Anthony
Offers, Not Take Up, Determine Health Insurance Gap Between Immigrant and Native Workers Abstract
Cawley, John
Simon, Kosali
Macroeconomic Influence On Health Insurance Abstract
Chen, Li Wu
Uninsured Have More Physician Visits Upon Gaining Medicare Coverage Abstract
Chernew, Michael
Cutler, David
Keenan, Patricia
Rising Costs Decrease Coverage Abstract
DeLeire, Thomas
Levine, Judith A.
Levy, Helen
Welfare Reform Tempered Decline in Less Skilled Women's Health Insurance Coverage Abstract
Dey, Matthew S.
Flinn, Christopher J.
'Job Lock' and 'Job Push' as Seen from a Structural Search Model Abstract
Dushi, Irena
Honig, Marjorie
Offers, Not Take Up: Why Minority Full Time Workers Have Lower Employer Coverage Abstract
Gruber, Jonathan
McKnight, Robin
Higher Tax Rates Increase Employee Health Insurance Contributions Abstract
Gruber, Jonathan
Washington, Ebonya
Premium Subsidies Have Small Effect on Coverage Abstract
Maxwell, Nan L.
Paringer, Lynn
Skill and Entry Level Jobs with Health Insurance Coverage Abstract
Monheit, Alan
Vistnes, Jessica Primoff
Preferences Influence Health Insurance Decisions Abstract
Pollack, Harold
Davis, Matthew
Danziger, Sheldon
Orzol, Sean
Coverage and Access Lower Among Welfare Leavers Abstract
Royalty, Anne
Abraham, Jean
Spousal Effects of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Abstract
Royalty, Anne
Hagens, John
Workers Less Sensitive to Price of Health Insurance Than Other Employer-Provided Benefits Abstract
Weir, David
Willis, Robert
Widowhood Doesn’t Cause Coverage Loss Abstract
Wolfe, Barbara
Kaplan, Thomas
Haveman, Robert
Cho, Yoon Young
Wisconsin's SCHIP Expansion Increases Coverage Among Welfare Leavers Abstract