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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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Author: Blumberg, Linda ; Nichols, Len
Working Paper: Why Are So Many Americans Uninsured? A Conceptual Framework, Summary of the Evidence, and Delineation of the Gaps in Our Knowledge (PDF) ; July 2002

Research Highlight 3 (HTML) (PDF) ; September 2003
Q & A with Linda Blumberg, Ph.D. (HTML) ; September 2003

This paper provides a conceptual framework for understanding why the uninsured go without health insurance. We synthesize the existing research studying the factors influencing the supply and demand sides of employer-sponsored insurance as well as the research on the extent to which lack of coverage is a market failure. This paper is one of six papers commissioned at the outset of ERIU to provide a critical synthesis of the existing literature on who does not have health insurance, why they do not have health insurance, and what difference health insurance makes. The papers appeared in final form in Health Policy and the Uninsured published by Urban Institute Press in 2004.

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Author: Blumberg, Linda ; Cancian, Maria
Working Paper: Do Workers Face Constraints to Sorting Strategically for Employer Sponsored Insurance Offers? (PDF) ; June 2005

This analysis investigates the extent to which particular labor markets provide individuals the flexibility to choose their preferred mix of wages and health insurance. In addition, we use labor-market-specific evidence to identify constraints on the affordability of insurance that may explain why only a few employers in certain sectors offer such insurance. We find substantial differences in the availability of ESI offers by region, especially among those in low-offer labor markets. Substantial portions of workers without offers may face a minimum wage constraint, and many workers without offers may also face limited options because of their short job tenure.