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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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Costs of Health Insurance: Research in the Costs of Health Insurance section answers such questions as: How does the unemployment rate affect health insurance coverage? Why does the cost of insurance continue to rise, and why are employees paying so much more? What are the economic consequences of being uninsured?
Demand for Health Insurance: Demand for Health Insurance research looks at the factors influencing individual and household decisions to obtain health insurance to understand what makes them more or less likely to do so.
Employment-Based Coverage: Employment-Based Coverage research examines issues at the core of the health insurance coverage debate, addressing such topics as the impact of the macroeconomy, premium, and subsidies on coverage.
Individual Health Insurance Markets: Research on non-group health insurance markets focuses on ways in which individual health insurance markets can be expanded to increase coverage of the uninsured.
Labor Markets: Research in this area looks specifically at how Labor Markets and labor supply effect health insurance coverage.
Near Elderly Population: Research on the Near Elderly Population addresses certain aspects of health insurance coverage that are more acute as people approach retirement age
Vulnerable Populations: Research on Vulnerable Populations turns a critical eye on the dynamics influencing coverage for the poor, immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, and people with chronic mental illness.
Welfare, Medicaid, and SCHIP: Welfare, Medicaid, and SCHIP research specifically looks at the impacts of these public programs on individuals, firms, and markets.